Thanks for your comment, Sally. We don't use herbicides. Stiltgrass is an annual. The key is to mow it down before it sets seed, therefore there are no seeds to spread. Admittedly, this is a tall task given how much volume of this invasive there is all over the place.

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Don just had Steve Cottrell, the president of the Audubon Society out here. We're trying to attract purple martins. He recommended spray a very small, 0.2oz per gallon of this herbicide. It only affects the stilt grass but nothing else in the broad leaf grass family. We sprayed last weekend and so far have not seen a result but apparently it can take up to a month to see the difference. I'll let you know if it works, or maybe give it a try yourself. He claims the cutting just spreads the seeds and makes the plant stronger for years to come. Believe we were very sceptical but got brave and gave it a try. Sally

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