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If you’re interested in what you can do to promote nature in your own backyard, you’ve come to the right place. Inspired by the work of Douglas Tallamy and Mt. Cuba Center, we endeavor at Puddock Hill in Eastern Pennsylvania to manage our 16 acres in support of nature. Learn with us as we go along. Follow our mistakes and successes. See what you can do to support natural communities wherever you are!

Late in life, I pursue a Masters of Environmental Studies at the University of Pennsylvania (course work completed; still working on the Capstone). My learning may provide further insights.

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Promoting natural communities in your own backyard.


J.E. Fishman

My Backyard Stewardship publication discusses how I'm turning our property, Puddock Hill, into a haven for wildlife. My We Once Were Giants Substack is a serialization of my latest novel. I'm author of 10 books with an MES degree from the UPenn.